Lockdown Pro App Keeps The Info In Your Apps Private!

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    If you love to always carry the latest and greatest phones chances are friends and family are going to want to check out your new digs. Obviously you don't want to be rude and tell them that they can't see your phone because you are worried they will rummage through your phone. There is now a way to lock down specific applications. Don't want people reading your text messages no problem lock the app with LockDown Pro. You can also avoid the annoying immature antics of your friends who love to wait on unsuspecting victims to set down their phone and walk away so they can pick it up and post crude status updates on facebook. There are all kinds of great uses for an app like Lockdown Pro. There is even a feature that allows you to lock out your phone app with a PIN so that others won't be able to answer your calls. There is an option for a fake error message that makes it appear as if the app has just force closed. The list of options is pretty lengthy. Head to the Play Store link below for the free download.

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