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Discussion in 'Motorola Droid 2 Development' started by chrisl20, Mar 1, 2011.

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    i have been trying...and trying...and trying to get the r2d2 lock on my rooted and romd d2...i am running liberty 1.5 and i have tried metamorphing it over several times and finally gave up, just copied and pasted the files in the correct drawable hdpi and simply flashed over the new theme....i had also been playing around with my pattern lock trying to make a gears of war themed pattern....surprisingly, that succeeded, but the regular, unedited, r2d2 locks have not took,...is there some hidden file folder that liberty is running for the framework that is making so these files in the framework arnt being ran but being hidden by some other source for the lock? is that even possible? i mean, ill attach some screenies of my bad-effin-a pattern lock, but, for some reason, i still want the r2d2 lock bar...hell..i may just end up making my pattern an r2d2 one since it seems more simple than doin the d@mn lock bar....any ideas are greatly appreciated..thanks
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