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    "Your new Android-powered phone has many cool and useful features. Learn more by clicking on the links to watch brief YouTube videos directly on your phone.

    Once the video has started playing, press your phone's menu key, select "More," and then select "Watch in high quality" to view the video in higher resolution:

    Customize your Home Screen. Learn more.
    Use shortcuts, widgets, and folders. Learn more.
    Run multiple applications at the same time. Learn more.
    Use long press to quickly access more features. Learn more.
    Experience the web on your browser. Learn more.
    Search the web and your phone with Quick Search Box. Learn more.
    Keep in touch with friends and family with Contacts. Learn more.
    Get cool applications and games on Android Market. Learn more.
    You can find all these videos and more on the Android 2.0 playlist at

    The Android Team at Google

    Google, Inc.
    1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
    Mountain View, CA 94043"

    This email might have been helpful, say, 2 months ago? :p
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