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Kernel Causing Reboots

Discussion in 'Liberty ROM DX' started by oneunder311, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. oneunder311

    oneunder311 New Member

    Mar 11, 2010
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    Ok, looked around for anyone else with a similar problem and found none so here it goes. I had an OG Droid for long time, got the X about a week ago and immediately rooted and put Liberty 2.0.1 on after reading about the Toolbox and buying it on the market.

    Decided I wanted Gingerbread, so I SBF'd back to .340, got to .596 via these instructions and installed 0.7 through the toolbox.

    Worked great for a couple days, no reboots, smooth performance, except 3G was a bit slow to connect and not perfect as I had on Froyo. So after reading a few threads about it I installed the kernel on this after hearing people have success with it. I should have just left it alone, because switching kernels form the X doesn't seem as simple as it was on the Droid.

    So immediately I start having reboots, no common reason, just random times maybe 2 minutes after booting up it reboots. So I decide to restore a backup, but they continue even after that. I am confused but whatever, I SBF back to froyo, do all the steps again and get back to 0.7.

    For the few days I used 0.7 before I messed it up I was using a ULV settings on Droid Overclock with no problems. Now after trying to figure out what was causing the reboots I find that if I stay at stock frequencies I get no reboots, but Low or UL reboot pretty much immediately. This confused me considering the fact that I SBF'd the phone after messing it up and did not install a different kernel the second time.

    Sorry about the length, just wanted to include everything in case someone has any ideas what I did and how to fix it. Thanks for the help.
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