[KERNEL][BFS/CFS][OC/UV][BFQ] Kang Bang! 6/26/2011 [AOSP]

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    [​IMG] [KERNEL][BFS/CFS][OC/UV][BFQ] Kang Bang! 6/26/2011 [AOSP]

    Here we go guys, new version of my BFS AOSP kernel (sense to come)

    Been working hard on this kernel for quite some time, and Birdman helped out drastically (even though he broke stuff ;) )

    Big thanks to: Birdman, Slayher, Captainkrtek, Imoseyon (for the 2.6.35 port), Jake Day, Pershoot, and plenty of others I can't remember right now.

    KangBang 0.6:
    • Re-based to Ace kernel source, so I lost some of my changes for now (until i'm not so lazy and fix them)
    • There are a LOT of changes/additions.
    • Theres a new RCU boost, which is proving to be nice so far.
    • Changed the memory allocator to SLUB until I get SLQB ported in
    • As of right now, theres no auto sleep profile in ondemand/interactive. Both of these governors still need adjustments.
    • The clock frequencies are the default CM frequencies. Their table is populated correctly, and currently, I'm adding frequencies back in one at a time to make sure it will boot. This will take a while... bare with me guys :)
    • Lowered RR_Interval to 6 to increase latency. Might drop it to 4
    • Neon and VFP optimizations
    • OnDemand governor Threshold adjustments
    • CONFIG_HZ=300 instead of 100
    • Add Tiny Preempt RCU
    • RCU Boost Prio set to 50, Delay set to 300 (still playing with these)
    • Sound tweaks credit to CodeAurora/Birdman
    • GPU Memory allocation raised
    • Numerous fixes from CM kernel source

    KangBang 0.5:
    Reverted the GPU/Camera memory allocation adjustment, as it screwed up the camera.
    Reverted to my old config file, as the extra slim one broke certain apps
    Stabilized voltages

    KangBang 0.4:
    • Full wifi/settings/MMS/etc. fix credit to beavis9k!!
    • Added V/R I/O Scheduler (still using BFQ as default for now)
    • BT Audio volume raised (Credit to Slayher)
    • Prevent memory leak on hotplug (thx Pershoot)
    • GPU/Camera memory allocations raised
    • Cleaned up my defconfig even more. This kernel is tiny, tinier than ever before. The actual kernel zImage is 1.9mb as opposed to the 2.2 it was before. This will allow a performance increase, as there is less the kernel is trying to crank out.

    Initial release, 0.3:
    Feature packed for the first release.
    • (latest upstream linux kernel)
    • System/Data/Cache mounted EXT4
    • Numerous EXT4 file system tweaks
    • Overclock up to 1.8 Ghz
    • Undervolted for battery life/stability
    • BFS v404 (HUGE performance increase from the v3xx BFS series)
    • Tiny RCU
    • SLQB Memory Allocator
    • BFQ v2rc1 I/O Scheduler (much nicer than the original BFQ)
    • Kernel speed defaulted to 1024, stock tbolt speed
    • OnDemand governor backported from 2.6.39, with sleep/wake code (kanged from Imoseyon's OnDemandX, thanks Imoseyon!)
    • Wifi driver updated to latest AOSP driver
    • AOSP-style BT driver (kanged from Slayher's kernel source, thanks Slayher!)
    • MULTIPLE fixes pulled in from CyanogenMod MSM7x30 kernel source (time compensation, ashmem flush, wifi n support, CPU-supported unaligned access, compensation for rounding on odd-frequency clocksources, etc.)
    • Interactive governor with sleep/wake code (kanged from interactiveX, thanks Imoseyon!)
    • Numerous BFS tweaks for better performance, and better support for android.
    • SD Card read-ahead buffer increased
    • FS read-ahead buffer increased
    Some other things I probably can't remember right now (I should take better notes, I'll add more as I remember)

    Whew. Pretty hefty initial release.

    Secondly, I comply with GPL. Here is my source code. Feel free to kang away, just credit me, at least in your source if not anywhere else :)

    Now to the goodies:

    Download link:

    Broken list in 2nd post, To Do List with it.

    For the latest news/updates, or just to show some love, follow me on twitter! @Drod2169

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