Just got my Otterbox-some opinions

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    The tabs are not long enough. They barely grip the phone which makes it very easy to take on and off. Guess that could be good and bad. For me it's bad because I want it to be difficult to take off.

    There's a lot of space between the slide and the bottom half with this case. Not necessarily bad, just something to be aware of.

    The top half, that goes around the screen does NOT have the silicone layer in it like the bottom half.

    Overall I really like the look of the case, but I think the Seidio fits tighter and more securely. I prefer the texture of the seidio. I prefer the plug covers on the otterbox, which makes the buttons much easier to push.

    I'll use it for a few days, but I'm not selling my seidio yet. And to answer someone else's question, yes the otterbox renders the seidio multimedia and car docks useless. i'm not surprised by this though as seidio engineered the accessories for their cases, and they fit perfectly.

    ---Oh, and the seidio screen protector fits better. I laid the otterbox one on to it and it left just a little bit around the edges. I hadn't planned on using it because I like the feel of the seidio one, just did it to compare.
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