iphones turned into bots is a bad thing?

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    Worm turns iPhones into bots

    According to the above article, up to 8% of iPhones are hacked, a process of unlocking called "jailbreaking". Users do this to unlock the phone and get the heck off of AT&T's service.

    Now hackers have exploited the fact that most hacked iPhone users do not change their phone passwords and leave the passwords at the factory default. This allows a simple malware virus, a "worm" to take over the iPhone and turn it into part of a bot-net.

    I first saw the article and thought it was funny because the Droid :motdroidhoriz: is already named after a bot. Now iPhones are turning into bots themselves.

    I was surprised to find out that only 8% of iPhones were cracked. The whole reason I never bought into an iPhone is because AT&T's network coverage ranges between lousy and none. I didn't want to pay that kind of money for a phone in "paperweight mode".

    I have to figure out how to change the password on my Droid now. I don't mind it being a Droid but I don't want it to join some hacker's bot collection.
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