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Nov 18, 2014
    1. LadyAngler
      You're the BOMB!!!!:icon_ banana:
    2. LadyAngler
      Cool! Thank You! That's what I wanted to hear! Gonna learn those xml's after Christmas. Going to start with that one! LOL
    3. LadyAngler
      Hey Xkape! Sorry to hear you're sick. Hope you get better soon!
      Is there anyway to change the number/letter color on the gingerbread keyboards? Not the whole system font color. Just the keyboard.
    4. LadyAngler
      Xkape. I fixed it! It WAS a HDPI! Oh thank you soooooo much! Looks really slick now! Is PERFECT for my theme. Ima post a screenie in that vending thread u guys got going over there. Plus, upload the vending if you guys wanna post it.

      YOU ROCK!
    5. lisaq
      Hi. I am wondering if you can send me just the icons from your Pink Glass theme in a zip file. I am not rooted and have been searching for days for icons like these to use with Launcherpro. Thanks!
    6. drrickryp
      Hi bud, I think i was able to port your gold ud rom to the inc. At least I have it running on mine. I believe that this will now load on most phones. If it works on your motodroid, feel free to upload it for general use. I don't feel comfortable posting it myself as these roms are your art. I will pleased if more people can enjoy it and I can save you some time to address more pressing issues.


      Cheers and thanks again for your great artwork. I am working on the red one and will sent it along as soon as I'm done.

    7. nathan56989
      Glad to see another buck nut on here. I don't know if my message in the redglass thread went unnoticed, but I was wondering if redglass was available for BB v0.5 yet?
      Am I missing it somewhere? I'm new to the forum too by the way so I could definitely be missing it.
      I'm looking for a theme to go with my OSU wallpaper. Your's seems to be the best looking.

      Thanks in advance,

      Meatchicken Sux
    8. Richdick77
      Cna You Help Me W/ Ma Droid?
    9. xkape
      rooting is pretty easy and it does nothing other than unlock it. unless you change something, the phone (for all intents and purposes) stays the same. ROM's work by building off either the FROYO system or by making their own. I stick with ones that have good battery life and are fast. Not the fastest, but faster. My favorite is Bugless Beast 0.4. Updates are available. For exaple BB 0.4, is out now and probably here in AUgust 0.5 will be available. Void Warranty yes. As far as backing up the stock ROM, yes. there are how to's and a videi I believe on how to do that.
    10. BKB
      Thanks for your reply on my thread; I just wanted to ask how does rooting the phone & ROM work? & which is the best ROM to use. I wanted to make sure I understood you gutter right it voids the warrenty but updates will still be available through the ROM . Is there a way to back up the stock ROM so if I brick it that I can just load the stock ROM back on?
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