iPhone bashing :)

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    aardvark@e2.vark.com (10:08:46 PM):
    You there? I have a question about **knife** that I think you might be able to answer.

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    HermitObserver (10:08:49 PM): sure
    aardvark@e2.vark.com (10:08:49 PM): (From Benjamin H./M/Singapore,Singapore -- sent via iPhone)
    What's the use of a serrated blade compared to a normal blade?

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    HermitObserver (10:11:25 PM): Serrated blades are used to tear apart things such as meat and fishing bait, whilst straight blades such as fillet knifes are used to slice and cut. Either way, your life sucks because you own an iPhone. GO DROID!!!!! :) Go drop a call :p
    aardvark@e2.vark.com (10:11:27 PM): Great -- I've sent that to Benjamin. Thanks for the fast answer!
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    Just thought I'd share, :). Go Droid!