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    Well, here i am. On the best XT610 forum :)
    I would like to warmly welcome all members and head office :)
    Here's my story - well i bought few weeks ago xt610, so i started to think: 1st thing - change rom, second thing - where i can find necessary informations?
    So i looked at xda dev forum (don't be so hard on me - i've had HD2, i780 and that was the best forum to learn and try all powers of Leo), but surprisingly there was nothing at xt610 query, so i just simple opened uncle google and he guided me here. So i clicked and... WOW! Everything what i need, but i was a little confused about changing rom and i was veeeeeeery near to brick my brand new vodafone xt610 xD i tried to flash sbf with rsdlite without changing kernel, but as my dad used to say - think twice before do something, so i stopped for a minute, searched a bit and realized... i don't wanna back to that memories xD but i found and read 5 times thread on xda (finally found droid pro forums) "summary for our devices" and realized that if i want to change something i need to flash kernel first. And after that it was like a thunder - everything went smooth and now i change roms like a gloves.
    So i decided to stop being leecher and at least try to support and help with testing roms.

    And i would like to special thanks to JackpotCalvin - your CM7 just rocks!! It is perfect for every day use.

    Best regards :)
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    Welcome aboard!