How to get custom rom to stock rom 2.2.2

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    im new here and a german with bad english. Sorry vor that. My doughter have the pro xt610 with lot of problems, so i want to change to a custom rom. I know i have to root the phone bevor i get a custom rom ( do it to the pro+) but i don´t know if i have update to another officel firmeware first. And I need a rom that realy stable and all things are working (camera,wifi,gps,2g and 3g). Here are the result of the handyinfo :

    Systemversion = 342.179.14
    Android Version = 2.2.2
    Baseband = N_01.1B.00R
    Kernel-Version =
    Build = V2U_3.4.2-179

    it´s a european version from vodafone germany and it ist unlocked.

    Hope of kindly replyes.

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