interna emeory to external memory

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    I have had a Droid Razr for about one month. I cannot download large files to the sd card. The droid will only load to the internal memory. I caled VErizon and went to the Verizon store and spent quite a bit of time but to no avail. My old Droid X didn't care it would load to the external sd card. As a matter of fact I had all theprograms loaded and it was fine.
    It seems I can only move pictures and songs whicih I do not do. I tried to download two programs which are large. I get a message that states not enough space. My eternal sd card has 13gigs that I can not seam to access> My internal storage incdicates 2.71 giigs for applications and 548 megs for stoarage einternally. The folks at Verizon were great. Tech support is going to call MOtorola for me Monday./
    Any suggestions woiuld be appreciated. I had both of these programs plus others on my Droid X...and it was fine.
    Thanks in advance.