Installing applications on external/removable micro sd card

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    I am using both lava iris 501 running android ics 4.0.4 and karbonn a30 running android ics 4.0.4. I am installing the applications through usb cable through moborobo android pc suite. I am installing all applications on the removable micro sd card in lava iris 501 mobile. But if i install the application in karbon a30 mobile, it installs all the applications in internal sd card/phone storage. I tried several methods to install in the removable micro sd card. But it is all waste of time.

    Both the devices lava iris 501 and carbonn a30 running android ics 4.0.4.

    There is no space for further installing the applications in karbonn a30. I want that all the applications are to be installed in removable micro sd card.

    Please give me a solution.
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