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iheartradio and ubertwitter update..not realease YET

Discussion in 'Android Applications' started by zipkicker, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. zipkicker

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    Nov 18, 2009
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    Cleveland, Ohio
    just got some exciting news..for me anyways..

    this was copied directly from my email from ubertwitter

    We will have an UberDroid version!

    On Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 8:45 AM, <mikesgregor@gmail.com> wrote:
    mike Gregor sent a message using the contact form at Contact | ƜberTwitter.

    Any release planned for the Motorola Droid? I switched from bb to Droid and I miss ubertwitter...as do lots of others
    thanks for your time

    and on my facebook, i am friends with iheartradio..and they have made several posts that it will be available before xmas

    iHeartRadio commented on their wall post:

    "Bob-- We have a holiday gift for you! iheartradio will be available on the Android before Christmas! :)"

    iHeartRadio commented on their wall post:

    "iheartradio will be available on the Android before Christmas!"

    here is the link for the official iheartradio facebook

    iHeartRadio | Facebook