Idea for an Interested developer! (from a non-dev)

Discussion in 'Android App Developers' started by EldingArtist, Jul 7, 2011.

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    Okay, so this IS my entry post here, but it's the whole reason I came here. I came up with an idea for creative file storage and navigation on Android Smartphones.

    The App takes advantage of the accelerometers in the phone to allow people to have a full-3D virtual filesphere. Basically, to navigate the filesphere, you open up the browser, and are immediately presented with a window into your virtual file storage space. Photos, word documents, etc, are scattered around you where you put them and you can drag them from place to place as you want. To navigate, simply hold up your phone, and move it around you, "Peering" out into the spherical space your files are in. To move them, simply push a finger to them on the screen once you see them, and move your phone, dragging the file in virtual space to the position where you want it. It gives you the ability to lay out things like photos out around you so you can freely look around at them as you wish.

    Another application of this system is music management. YOu can fill a filesphere with all your music files, and then shake your phone, sending the music files up like white particles in a snowglobe, where they flurry around till they settle down, and you snatch them out of the air to randomly select ones to listen to as a sort of manual random shuffle. There are many more applications to this, but I think it will be something that should catch on pretty well.