I Demand a slide out Qwerty.......

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    I actually like the note2. In my inner group of friends, there are only 2-3 of us that doesn't have it. Whenever I use it though, it seems like i'm going to drop it. I have a quite strangle dilemma with my hands. I have a heavy hand, but i'm very light when using a phone. I know, it is indeed weird. I think the problem with the note2 for me is that it is too thin. My hands need the bulkiness of the phone so I can hang on it. Also when typing using the screen, my fingers somewhat floats even though I have a heavy hand. Haha. Two of the girls in my group are thinking about getting an iPhone 5, mind you they both have the note2. I really don't why they want to change, but if I can get a good deal from them, hello note2.
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