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Discussion in 'Android Accessories' started by sleeperls, May 21, 2010.

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    I'm looking at doing my upgrade for the wife and i tomorrow afternoon. As with everyone else its between the htc and the Motorola. I'm a frugal guy, but finally want to upgrade to a smartphone. Plus we all know 4g will be out within the next few years any whom. I just dont see how even with the ne2 discount from verizon for two htc phones is 300.00 retail. The motoralla is 99.99 buy one get one. Being the frugal guy i am i like that deal.

    Now my actual question. I'm really bad about wearing out flip phones or any phone that slides. I keep the one phone my entire contract. I dont want to cause power issues or something else. I know i will sit and slide the keyboard in and out causing wear for no reason. Its a nervous tick i guess. Something to figit with.

    It there anyone that makes a case that eliminates the slideout feature to clean up the lines without to much added to it? I really like the sleak lines of the htc, just not the cost. If the htc was buy one get one it would be the phone i would get. The only reason ive got to upgrade now is that the cat of the house decided to bat my current phone off the table to kill the inner screen. Its not fun typing in the dark.

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