HTC One A9 Was a Solid Success, but Outlook Still Gloomy

Discussion in 'Android News' started by dgstorm, Dec 7, 2015.

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    It turns out that HTC just hit a 6-month high in revenues, and according to reports, it was their new "mid-range" HTC One A9 that most propelled those numbers. Sadly, even though the One A9 turned out to be a quiet success for the company, it still didn't help its over-all bottom line that much. Here's a full quote from the DigiTimes analysis,

    "HTC saw its consolidated revenues rise 14.96% sequentially to a six-month high of NT$10.29 billion (US$314.32 million) in November. The release of its latest smartphone, the HTC One A9, in late October helped ramp up sales in November, according to industry sources.

    However, the November revenues were still contracting by 39.25% from the same month of a year earlier.

    For the first 11 months of 2015, revenues amounted to NT$115.17 billion, decreasing 33.32% from a year ago.

    HTC is likely to maintain its sales momentum in December due to seasonality and the release of the HTC One A9 in more markets, said the sources."

    Despite the grim look for HTC, here at HQ we keep trying to keep a positive outlook for the company. They don't need to have a massive success to get back in the black. They just need to gain a bit of traction with more consistent revenue makers. It's unlikely HTC will ever make it back to the top, but it will be interesting to see them try.

    Here's our dedicated HTC One A9 section for further discussion: HTC One A9 | Android Forum at
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    Wow that is a surprise that the A9 was successful.

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    It's solid for mid-range, but I tend to agree because of the price tag it carried.

    Good for them. I've said it elsewhere, but it bears repeating. I've got a soft spot in my heart for them since they made the first android device I ever own (and the first one ever sold commercially).

    I also like the idea of keeping competition around for other phone makers. While I agree that htc's got a long way to go to REALLY be competing by the numbers and in my book for my money, I'm glad to see them take a turn up and wish them luck in the future.
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