HTC Eris lag and power issues

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    I have an HTC Eris, relatively new, since March 2010, and i am having some issues with it. I was wondering if anyone else was running into these or if anyone has some suggestions.

    First problem is that the phone seems to lag alot! I really don't have that many apps installed, but i have gotten the low memory warning, tried to clean some stuff up. However, i lag when sending text especially. After i hit the send button, it takes a good 30 seconds to send it. Also sometimes in the phone feature, it takes a half minute to update the call list, so when i try to call the last number, sometimes it takes the wrong one, etc. There is plenty of memory on the phone...internal phone storage says 24.91 MB available storage, and the SD card has 857 MB availalbe of 7.39gb total space.

    The other problem is that it seems to spazz out when it is plugged in. Stuff is flying all over the place, it won't stay on the home screen, it will scroll itself to the screen all the way to the left. It will lag even worse. This also seems to be variable depending on what type of plug i am trying, whether it is in the car, in the wall, or on the computer. Sometimes with the car, it doesn't even "connect" and charge up unless it is at a certain angle.

    i was considering just doing a factory reset to clear it out and start fresh. Seems kind of soon with the phone to be having these issues.

    thanks for any help,
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