[HOW TO] Note 3 Update to MJE OTA From Any Build Then Root and Install SafeStrap!

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    If you have been reluctant to update your Galaxy Note 3 to the latest build in fear that you may loose root forever... I don't blame you. I have always advised against taking official updates from Verizon since they generally block all exploits with each update, however MJE won't block the Kingo Root method. This is because kingo is closed source and they have done an excellent job of keeping their exploits from the OEMs. That being said if you are currently rooted and have safestrap installed you will find that it is impossible to update to MJE via an OTA update. You could easily Odin back to stock then take the update then root via kingo. Droidforums users "KaChow" has put together an in depth tutorial on his tested method of getting your Note 3 to stock MJE and then root. His three step process makes things nice and easy. Check his guide in the thread link below.

    n3.png n31.png

    Guide and Downloads Here

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