SafeStrap Updated To Work With Verizon Note 2 On MJE

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    If you love roms then you know the one thing that can spell doom for a device in the rom is a locked bootloader. Most developers don't even bother with a device that doesn't have a locked bootloader since it will never be able to run a full on AOSP build of Android. However there are still a few developers that lend a helping hand to those of us who are unfortunate to not have our bootloaders unlocked. Developer "HashCode0f" is one of the few. He has led the way in development on these devices. His SafeStrap gives us a method of bypassing the bootloader all together in order to load custom firmware. Lately he has been dropping all sorts of updates for his lineup of SafeStrap devices. The latest update comes to the Verizon Galaxy Note 2. This update allows you to run SafeStrap on the latest version of stock Android, MJE, on this device. This is a BETA build, so far rebooting recovery, recovery removal, rom slot creation, and backup stock are all working. Restoring stock, 2nd Init Rom installation, and custom rom flash will be coming soon. Head to the link below to stay updated on the progress of this build of SafeStrap for the Note 2.

    Via XDA
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