How to download new update (but without prompt)

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    Hello! I've searched for my answer and sifted through dozens of threads about "updates," but haven't found my answer. I apologize if it's a repeat.

    How do I find the new update?

    I understand the latest Droid update (for Verizon Wireless, at least) should have been rolled out to everyone by now. I haven't gotten an alert on my phone that one is available to download since the last one a few months ago (so, yes, I know what it looks like when one should be available).

    I e-mailed Verizon Wireless yesterday about a number of issues I've been having -- the screen stays black while receiving a call, text messages crash, the text I'm typing won't show until after I close out of the horizontal mode, etc. -- and a rep blamed the problem on a lack of updates.

    So is there a website I can go to, or a number I can call? I prefer to avoid the random user websites that tell you to place such-and-such download in your phone's rootfile, etc. I want it from THE source.

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