How my D3 is working

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    Just wanted to put out there some real stats from my D3, and see how it compares to others.

    I rooted as soon as it was possible. I then applied the recent update, and rerooted. I also have done the PRL update. I don't run any app or task killers. I also am not running titanium backup or setcpu at this time. The only file app I currently use is Root Explorer.

    My D3 runs almost naked, but I do use a screen protector. Normally because of my office job, and overnight charging battery life is never an issue. However after doing all the updates yesterday I did a full charge and let the phone run to see how the battery did. I tried to use the phone a lot during this time. I used internet, did a quick game or two. Watched about 10 minutes of video, and took about 10 pictures w/ flash using Camera360.

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    I think my battery life is pretty good. You can see how many hours since I took of the charger. Also did a reboot at the beginning so the phone would start fresh. I use Launcher Pro, and have removed numerous bloatware apps.

    Now the only issue I have Camera360. There is definitely some battery drain going on here as others of reported. I took about 10 pictures with flash on. At the time battery was about 70%, and its usage was about 2%. After to the double tap out of the program it still showed up under running apps. I went back into the app, and under settings turned off the two settings for auto updates. I haven't seen it in running apps since, but as you can clearly see it continued to drain the battery all night long. I am going to try force killing app after use, because i do like the features of the app. If it still continues to be a batter hog I will remove it.

    Just let me know if you have any questions or would like to compare any settings.

    I don't have anything checked under location settings, i use the maximum battery saver setting. I have my screen set to auto brightness, and 1 minute timeout.