Honey, peanut butter, cotton candy and glue

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    Admins and mods, please consider installation of this vB mod:

    Show/Hide Sticky Posts (collapsible) - vBulletin.org Forum

    Having to scroll two clicks (16:9 laptop) when logged on is a bit much. The mod does not auto-collapse announcements. If you come to the site every day, most of the sticky threads become content by-product pretty quick. Once a thread crosses 5 pages, it's signal to noise ratio drops to 50%. Sticky threads that aren't locked usually fall victim to spaghetti tangents.

    Members can leave sticky threads open, or review the sticky threads the first time they access the forum, then collapse them while they bounce back and forth to the thread list and thread detail to read and respond. The general discussions forum now spans 4-5 pages in a day and if you only read the site once a day, that's four times that 20,000 people click past a screen full of posts they don't read. Might even trim the bandwidth bill a bit.

    Just a kind suggestion intended as a contribution to the hard work you're all doing here. I don't mean to imply any opinion about mod decisions to make threads sticky. Keep up the good work.
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