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    Hey all,

    I would like to say I am a somewhat experienced Android user, but for the love of me I can't figure out what is going on with my contacts on my D2G.

    Up until now, I always saved contacts via the SD card, but lately realized this is a stupid technique. I will be moving away from Moto (hopefully) and want to be reliant on Gmail to sync my contacts and not have to worry about it.

    I have my Contacts set up on my main Google account, which is set to Sync with the phone (via My Accounts on the handset). I have my contacts set up into two groups: My Contacts (General contacts, emails, etc. that Google just builds up) and Phone Contacts (Those with phone numbers). Everything rushes to my Contacts in the handset. When I go to Contacts ->Settings all I see are 2 small bars: New Contacts and SIM card contacts. I can't click either. All I see under the Settings section is "Delete contacts" (from SIM).

    I am at a loss here and rather frusturated. I use GoContacts primarily because I hate the stock Contacts app and that has the same problem.

    Shouldn't my Contact Groups show up on the phone so I can set what I want to be displayed?

    Is this a Sync issue or something more? I am running stock rooted ROM, just freshly wiped and TitBuped.

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