Help! Many questions here! Only for those w/ some free time!!

Discussion in 'Droid X Themes' started by ibrooks123, Apr 17, 2011.

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    I want to apologize about the many questions. I thought it may be better to just put them all here for people to see, and everyone can (please) QUOTE (and type their reply under) the question they know the answer to, rather than posting many different threads! And hopefully it will help out others as well!

    Ok so here it goes:

    First, I use many different ROMS via Nandroid Backup because although there are several great ones, I'm very picky and a bit OCD and I haven't found my "perfect" rom. I use Darkslide 4.2 because of the pre-installed 3g hotspot hack. However, after reading MANY threads, I cannot get it installed at all on any of my other ROMS. Does someone have a simple solution to add this? (Check running ROMS below)

    Second, with Liberty 1.5/Epic Blue Theme, the three launcher icons at the bottom change to blue with the theme. In 1.5(or 2.0.1)/BigDXCrystalBlue theme they do not, they stay yellow. I'm sure this is simply the way that them works. So, can I change those colors, or should I get a new theme?

    Lastly, below is a link to the XDA Forum and to a thread about Incredibly Re-EngineeredX v1.00. I have two questions ( and I couldn't ask there becuase although I signed up, youm can't post a reply until you have already posted 10 times on your own, and that would take me a long time!).

    [ROM] Incredibly Re-EngineeredX v1.00 [01-17-11]~Re Release - xda-developers

    Does anyone know if the wallpaper shown is included in a theme for this ROM, or can it simply be downloaded?

    Also, how do you make icons tranparent? i.e. the powercontrol on the homescreen?

    OK, my rant is over!! Let me thank anyone and everyone that can contribute to helping cure my ignorance! Also, I am fairly savy at this, and a very fast learner, so don't worry about going into huge detail! THANK YOU!!!


    System Base:

    • Motorola Droid X
    • Android 2.2.1
    • Froyo 2.3.340
    Active Roms:
    • Liberty 1.5 (Infinite Chaos & EpicBlue)
    • Darkslide 4.2 (with 3G Hotspot Hack)
    • LexLite Gingeraid 4
    • GummyJar 2.5