Has anyone else been having issues with their date changing itself?

Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by Jer, Dec 2, 2009.

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    I just noticed today when a couple of my texts were out of order that my phone had set it's date to Dec 1, 1969. I have the option for the system to set the date/time disabled because it was playing havoc on the time when I was traveling last week. I disabled this feature because of that coupled with the fact that my battery life is horrible so I figured one less thing for the phone to 'monitor' or 'auto adjust' couldn't hurt either. So I adjusted both the date and time (time was only off about 15min) and it seemed to be fine until a short while ago I noticed that the date was changed again but this time only one day back to Nov 30, 2009. Took me a minute to even notice because the date was so close I though my mind was playing tricks on me this time. The time was correct this time however. I also noticed that the 'sync' icon at the top next to the 3G icon had been on for extended periods today and I'm not even sure why even though I use Gmail & Google calendar. Seems they could be related.

    So far this phone has been VERY quirky and I'm frustrated. Thanks for any help.
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