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    Does anyone else's Droid have a serious grounding flaw? I can't even use my Droid in my desk dock unless I hold the back of the phone. If I have it plugged in and flat on my desk it goes nuts.

    I've used different wall sockets, I'm using 2 different OEM cords and adapters, an OEM dock.

    Does anyone else's Droid do this?

    I've had this issue since I've gotten this Droid in Nov but it's now becoming a bit more obvious (probably because I use my phone much more since the 2.2 update).

    Edit - Easiest way to see is the multi touch visualizer app, you can see it shake even when your finger is still, moving it up and down also shakes but I get random bouts of a phantom 2 coming up (meaning the screen thinks there are 2 fingers)
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