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    Ever since Android was released there have been this competition between them and Apple and it will continue until one of them dies out. For a time Apple's marriage between hardware and software has been unmatched until recently when Samsung, Motorola, and HTC has stepped their game up. But one area that sets Google a part from Apple is the ability to help their customers without restrictions. I personally prefer android devices but also own a mac pro and owned an iphone at one time. So I want to compare my experiences with Google Play support vs iTunes support.

    As far as content iTunes by far blows away the competition though Google is catching up. Where Google beats apple is in helping customers deal with content issues and here is a case and point showing 2 different scenarios where I had to deal with both.

    Let's start with iTunes: Recently I updated my mac pro to a new software update for Mountain Lion OS and as a result their keychain app was corrupted resulting in my computer freezing and having an issue with signing in to websites. After talking to Apple care hardware support (which I have to say on the hardware support side these guys are awesome so kudos to them) we realized the only way to fix the issue was to wipe my computer HD and basically start over like a new computer out of the box. No problem we deal with that issue on Android from time to time. But here is where it got crazy, I logged into iTunes to try and view content and it restricted and locked down my Apple ID content from viewing it on my device. So I called apple giving them my apple ID, as they log every case and they were able to review where the tech had to wipe my HD, so they could see that I am using the same computer and the error was on them. The rep agreed but unfortunately could not fix the issue as iTunes is very restrictive of content and the lock is to keep people from downloading content on multiple computers and sharing the content. I understand the restrictions but the tech seeing I am using the same device and seeing the maintenance log, and me giving them my mac pro serial number can see that I am using the same device and fix the issue and yet they are unable to do so souring my experiences with the iTunes store.

    Now let's talk Google Play support. I downloaded an album on the play store but it kept giving me an error so I then downloaded the same off of the Amazon Mp3 store. As soon as the Amazon mp3 finished downloading it about 2 mins later the Google Play content corrected itself and was made available. I called Google Play support and explained the issue and like that they credited my account. And that is not the only testament of Google play support I have as they have been really helpful with device purchases and so on.

    In a grand scheme of thing the content I purchased, whether it be Google Play or iTunes, was no more than $20 but the customer service aspect makes it easy to decide where to buy my content from now on. Just like when any product or service you find out how good support is not when things are going great but when something happens and the way the situation is handled will decide whether or not you will want to do business with them again. As for me it will be a cold day in hell before I purchase anything off of iTunes again. As for Google when a new movie drops for rent I do not hesitate to purchase the content.
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    Here's my big issue in the "Store Wars" and why I think Google is superior.
    I support Android and iPhones at my job.

    If I need to install an app for someone and it is work related.... need I even GO any further?
    I shall if you haven't made the connection.
    To install an app on an iPhone from the computer I MUST have iTunes installed. Period.
    Soooo I have to go to each computer. Of course it always seems to need an update as no one really uses iTunes here.
    Play? Works like this.
    Login to play anywhere. Login as user one. Find app > push. Log out. Login as user 2. Find app > push. Logout....

    I can't even BROWSE iTunes from the web...
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