Google Changing Jellybean as a Result of Apple Injuction

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    From mistermentality on XDA:

    BBC News - Apple enforces Galaxy Nexus smartphone ban in the US

    As a result of the nexus ban google announced today that they will change android features such as its search function as well as other unspecified changes.

    This has been apples goal by litigating, to get android itself changed, to make it appear a feature lacking sub standard rival.

    It also means further court cases could result in more changes, it's a shame apple can only look good by litigating against their competition.

    More details at which says that search results will be web pages only and no local information will be returned in searches.

    This seems to mean siri who can give out local results (a feature apparently patented by apple) will seem better than googles offering. No idea what else will change but it seems apples plan is starting to pay off and change android itself to make it less threatening.

    This shouldn't affect european users as we don't allow software patents, and it won't affect current non google devices, but it does mean from now on android itself will be lacking certain things and as stock android is affected this means all androids in future that use jellybean or higher may also be affected.


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    As I said there, I am completely and utterly done with Apple in any way, shape, or form. I will not use anything that they have had a hand in.
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    I'm going to break the unibomber out of jail, shove him back in a shack in Montana and hand him Apples address. Done and done!
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    Search has been on Android phones since they launched. Voice search has too. I guess since it got added fucntionality...its a problem now?

    Thank god they arent this petty in other industries. Nissan was using Hybrid tech from Toyota. They are about to start using their own. If I follow the news and they dont get sued....I will just ramp up my growing hatred for Apple. I didnt really hate them before....but enough is enough.
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