Glitch with stock Clock/Alarm app

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy S5 Discussions' started by MattE303, Jun 30, 2016.

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    Had a very disconcerting problem with my S5 this morning. When my alarm went off (stock Clock app), it didn't play the assigned audio. I checked everything in the clock app and main "sound and notification" settings, nothing had changed, the correct sound was still set, volume was turned up, not on vibrate or mute, etc. I bumped the time on the alarm and tested it a few times, the issue was 100% repeatable, the alarm would fire, phone would vibrate, but no audio. I rebooted the phone and the problem went away.

    Never has this issue before in the 3 years I've had this phone. What good is an alarm app that isn't 100% reliable? :(

    Anyone else experience this with their S5 or have any insight?