Glimpse Notifications Makes Viewing Lockscreen Notifications Easier Than Ever

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    Lollipop fully integrates notifications in the lockscreen, but to view them when they come in you actually have to turn on your screen. Some devices like the Moto X turn on the screen giving you a view of your notifications with out you having to turn on the screen. Glimpse Notifications brings this to other devices. Glimpse turns on your screen so that you can view notifications when they come in without having to touch your phone.

    It does this in a smart way though. It won't just turn on your screen every single time a notification comes through. You can set up the apps you want to see notifications for in your whitelist. All other notifications will be ignored by glimpse. Pocket mode senses when your phone is in your pocket using your phones proximity sensors. If it senses your phone is in your pocket it won't automatically turn on the screen. You can even set a time period for ignoring notifications this way your phone's screen won't light up the room when you are trying to sleep. Head to the link below to grab this app.

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    What does it look like when it turns the screen on? Is it black/similar to Moto's? Their screen shots on the app page don't really show the lockscreen...
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