Customize Your Lockscreen With Hi Locker

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    There are hundreds of lockscreens on the play store, but rarely are there any that really stand out. Hi Locker gives you a whole new lockscreen experience. This lockscreen enables you to customize every aspect of your lockscreen. The lockscreen gets its name from the auto greeting that it gives you when you wake up your device. You get a greeting such as good morning or good evening when unlocking your device. You can add your Name or whatever you like to the lockscreen, you can view your notifications from the lockscreen, you can also swipe away your notifications. To unlock your device you just draw a circle around the dot at the bottom center of the screen. There is a circle launcher around the dot which can be customized with your favorite apps. You can set your wallpaper to change automatically or you can set it to blur for a truly unique look and feel. Head to the Play link below for the download.

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