[APP] C Lock Screen, Easily Customize Your LockScreen

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    Modders are always trying to find ways to customize there device. One of the most desirable modifications for an Android lover is the modification of the lockscreen. This app enables you to quickly access the time, date, day, next alarm, missed calls, new sms, battery info, weather info, media buttons (previous, play, pause, next) without having to unlock your device. You can add several targets to the lockscreen to open applications such as the dialer, sms, camera, flashlight, google maps, internet browser, youtube, and more.

    You can also customize a few things about the lockscreen like making the lockscreen fullscreen by removing the status bar, choose a lockscreen wallpaper, enable showing missed calls, Clock background, clock position, font style color, and more! The best part is you can do all of this without Root!

    Grab it here C Lock Screen
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