C Notice Brings Intuitive Floating Notifications To Your Device

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    Floating notifications are all the rage here lately. They became popular with the release of chat heads. This spurred development of halo notifications from Paranoid Android which was essentially a floating circle which would display your latest notification. PA ditched Halo in favor of heads up notifications which float your notifications just underneath the status bar. Like with halo you could interact with these notifications or dismiss them.

    One of the better attempts we have seen at better notifications comes from the creator of the "C series" of apps. Developer "Astoncheach" has just released his C Notifications. These notifications appear on your device as a clean and simple floating window with a colored header. When a notification is received you get a reminder in the form of floating icon. All notification icons float above any open application which means you can open them and access them from any screen on your phone until dismissed. You can also customize gestures for your notifications.

    Customization features include:

    -Custom Application Lists
    -Notification PopUp Style
    -Auto Screen Turn On with Pocket Detection
    -Direct Open App
    -Auto Icon Position
    -Rounded Icon Style
    -Unread Count Badge Position
    -Floating Window Opacity

    Grab this app from the Play Store
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    I don't know what it is about floating notifications...but I LOVE THEM! Ever since Google released a floating notification for Hangouts on Windows/Mac I just have loved it. Yes yes, I know Facebook messenger was first but I could care less cause I barely use it, but Hangouts is always right there with important messages getting to me when I need them. BRILLIANT! :cool:

    Oh and on topic for a second. I think I used this once before and would try it again.
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