Garbage Files in /cache?

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    I was going to free up some space on my phone and was browsing using Root Explorder and found 3 copies of this file under /cache

    The File Properties are

    Permissions: rwsrwsrwt
    Size: 1181203
    Timestamp: 31 Dec 1969 15:59:00
    Owner: app_4294957295
    Group: app_4294957295

    I remembered reading some earlier posts regarding 1969 and also saw that some were having problems after flashing ROMs with the 1969 date.

    I am running BD 8.0, comming from a very smooth 7.8 (installed via I would of course like to delete these 3 files but

    1. thought it might shed some light on others problems and

    2. wanted to make sure deleting these using root explorer wouldn't cause issues, or suggestions on how to delete safely.

    3. Does anyone know what the app references are to and what would cause three identical copies to be in cache?

    PS downloaded CacheMate from the Market, didn't touch these buggers.


    (moved from embedded in Rescue Squad 'cause I don't think this is root related)

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