From the dark side(s)... and back

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    Well to make a long story short, I returned my original Droid due to voice quality issues and was extremely angry at the tech manager who was handling my case. He pretty much denied me an exchange for a different Droid even though 2 technicians verified and confirmed the issue. To top it all off, I was well within my 30 day return/exchange policy.

    Fast forward 2 months, and having used both an iPhone 3GS and a BB Bold 9700, I am happily back to the Droid. I was fed up with crappy AT&T service in my area, and my colleague convinced me to give the Droid another shot. The fact that I was able to walk away with a new Droid for only $40 made it an even easier choice.

    So far so good, haven't experienced any of the "muffled sound/speaking through a towel" syndrome that my previous Droid had. I realized that it's not until you leave Android, and use other mobile OS's, that makes you miss it so much and want to come back. I've been using the phone non-stop for 4 hours now setting everything up exactly the way I wanted and reinstalling applications, and not for one second did the smile leave my face. So with my fingers crossed, I hope this time I'm here to stay for good.

    BTW, my phone was manufactured in March, 2010. Just in case anyone was wondering if the new batch of phones had any issues.
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    Welcome back. Hope you enjoy your Droid. I dropped AT&T and my iPhone because of the lousy service.