from enV Touch to Droid. Any tips?

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid' started by mixtape, Mar 24, 2010.

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    Hey guys, I have an enV Touch right now and am looking to activate a Droid I picked up last month from a buddy who didn't want to pay the $30 data plan anymore. The phone is literary less than a month old! I cleaned and detailed the phone, bought a Steinheil Crystal screen protector, and set the phone back to factory settings.

    I was hoping that I may find someone who made a similar transition as I am about to make so that I can ask a few questions and learn a few tips about going from LG to Android.

    1.) If I take the micro SD card out of enV Touch, can I directly put it into the Droid without risking losing any pictures or videos? I know that the enV Touch requires specifically named directories in order for the phone to recognize the files. For instance, pictures must be in a folder named "pics" or something along those lines.

    2.) Before I activate the phone, I would like to have all my contacts on the device so that right off the bat I can see who's calling or texting me. I am probably heading over to Verizon tonight with both phones. However, this is my first smartphone so I'm not sure if the transfer of contacts will be that simple.

    3.) With that being said, I researched the Gmail & Backup Assistance method of contact transfers. However, I'm under the impression that the contacts aren't really on the phone, but a reference is downloaded from Gmail when synced. So if I'm in an area with no service and I turn my phone on, will my contacts be available? What if my phone freezes and I have to take the battery out? This is crucial when traveling. Sometimes after a flight, I turn on my cell to realize that I have no service (or no local service) but can access the contact list since it's stored on the device.

    4.) On my VX9900, there was a "notes" field under a contacts name. So in total, I could store their email address, home number, cell number, and a short note which I used to keep birth dates and other info. Is there a way to store notes for each contacts? It's impossible for me to memorize food allergens, birthdays, etc for everyone I know.

    Lastly, if you can think of any other tips or advice to help make my transition easier, please feel free to comment :).

    Thank you,
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    1) if you download astro (file manager free on the market) it can read the sd card without having compatibility issues - assuming the enV saved them as a compatible file type

    2) If youre going to verizon they should be able to do it for you at the store

    3) yes they will be on your phone

    4) I had to look for this one but you can store the following

    • email
    • im
    • address
    • organization
    • notes
    • nickname
    • website
    and theres more customization within most of those fields

    just read this forum and get familiar with different things about the phone

    i knew nothing about this phone when i got it and you should see all the stuff it can do now (Wifi hotspot, overclocking the processor, +many more)

    goodluck :)
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    See inside quote for my answers

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