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    Hey all,

    I just got the Droid X on Thursday. I'm only liking it so far because I'm having some issues with my phone crashing and the battery dieing suddenly after telling me it's 20% full. I'm dealing with it though in hopes it will chill the F out or will get an update. That's what brought me to these forums initially. New products always have problems though.

    I've been an iPhone user for 2 years and loved the phone, hated AT&T. Finally decided to cancel and switch when Steve Jobs told the world he is a prick. I've recently freed myself of all Apple products. It's pretty great.

    Again, so far I'm only liking the phone so far. I used to be a Verizon customer before the iPhone and loved the service, and it's just as good as I recall. I'll go into details on my technical issues in the appropriate forum.

    So far, my favorite things about the Droid X are the camera button, the live backgrounds, and it's compatibility with Google Voice which I started using right when it came out.

    I hope to get a lot out of this site and contribute my fair amount.
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