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    Hey everyone...

    First time Droid user. Coming over from a Blackberry Storm (1). I've been with this Storm for about 1 1/2 - 2 years. I've done just about everything I could from running leaked OS versions, to hybrids as of late. Some things got better, but things were always breaking somewhere else. I've been holding out for an iPhone on Verizon (who my work is with), but when Jobs had his latest conference and didn't even mention Verizon, we started to feel the handwriting on the wall. So, we started to look elsewhere.

    I was going to get a Droid Inc, but they were back-ordered when my purchasing agent went to get one. So, then I heard about the Droid X. So, I figured that I would give it go. It wasn't an iPhone, but I had read some pretty good reviews about it. So, last Friday, it arrived via Fed-Ex and I opened it up and started to play with it.

    I LOVE IT.

    In fact, I think this phone may keep me from wanting an iPHone... ever. Don't get me wrong, I think Apple makes a great product (save, antenna issues) and I honestly think that the iPhone is a much better phone in terms of sheer phone performance... but the Android OS is what has won my heart. I LOVE the fact that I can customize my phone... add widgets... even have motion backgrounds. I also find that the X is very snappy, with hardly any lag on it. (Yes, some places there is some... but really, it is not much at all.) I'm still trying to see how battery life is going to pan out. It is hard to tell, I've been on this phone NON-STOP since it arrived, so I can't make a good comparison or even have some 'real world' results, yet... because I'm on it around the clock. My friends tried to tell me that Android was the way to go, but I was just memorized by the iPhone for so long. I can honestly say that Android has won me over and I haven't wanted an iPhone since Friday.

    A few things that I have noticed about the phone since I've been using it:

    1. I HATE the fact I can't landscape HOME. (Or, if I can... I need someone to tell me how.) I spend some much time in landscape mode that it just aggravates me that when I want to switch apps or scroll to a new desktop, it is in portrait mode. (I understand why the dialer and phone modes wouldn't do landscape. Makes plenty of sense.)

    2. Was having some bad lag issues with it last night, most notably the Apps screen (long list) where you choose what app you want to launch. I couldn't find any complaints of people having this issue... but it was just chugging for me. Found out that if I turned my motion wallpaper to a static image, it fixed it. It's as smooth as can be now. (And this was even after using ATK to free memory before.) So, if anyone out there is having some lag issues... I encourage them to check for LIVE wallpapers. Might have just been the one that I was using. Since then, my phone has never been better.

    3. Top bar notification is nice, but I'm used to seeing little red starts on applications that have updates on them. That is taking me a little getting use to. I get the notifications, but it just isn't as visual as the Blackberry was. Not a major complaint.

    4. Facebook. I never get any new notifications on this. Always have to go and look manually. Is there something in the app that I need to activate to get Facebook notifications?

    Those are the only MINOR things I'm learning to work with right now. Everyone in the office has been asking me about it and I've been highly recommending it to everyone. I'm hoping to get everyone here in the office to switch over and explore the wonders of the Android OS. :)
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