Finally!!!!! Working Theme using Vending-2.2.7-signed-testkeys.update

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    Here it goes.

    I have a G2 running Android 2.2.1 with CM 6.1.1

    Vending.apk was originally 2.2.6 so I updated it to 2.2.7

    Check version by going to Menu/Setting/Application/Manage applications/...

    Look under Downloaded if not check under Running for Market. Click on it and check Market version (your version)

    I tooked the Vending.apk file from and replaced it with the Vending.apk from

    You can use 7zip,Winrar or any program that will access these files.

    system/app/Vending.apk <- change this file.

    Run on ROM Manager

    Let you phone reboot check your market and let me know.

    just run the on ROM Manager

    All have WORKED.
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