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Jun 25, 2015
    1. LiquorBox
      Any chance of the BNB Facebook being updated with the new version?
    2. BlackX
      Any chance you have links to the wallpapers used in the Mysterious Beast theme? Particularly the black and white branches with the bird? I love that wallpaper but I'm not having any luck finding it.
    3. gmpdmd
      I'm searching everywhere for Black and Bold for PE v4.2. I reverted back last week from 5.0.2. I can't find link anywhere. Could you please provide. Its not on PE website anymore and I havn't been able to locate on DF.
    4. Deciple
      I installed power cmd and I'd like to use it but when I type----> java -jar colorChangev3.jar ,it displays the following error message:

      Error: could not open `C:\Windows\jre\lib\i386\jvm.cfg'

      Note: the same command works like fine for stock cmd prompt.
      Any suggestions?
    5. Deciple
      Hey Thebowers, I am trying to apply these color edits to my phone and I'm currently using app manager 4.9, my problem entails compiling the framework-res.apk receiving an error. Also I've tried decompiling a themed market app and everything appears to go smoothly although when I install it it just force closes. My question is this......what else do I need to do?
    6. mountaineerndixie

      I am absolutely jonsing for the BnB theme on D1. What is the lastest version of the latest ROM that was put out, (not inclusing Bugless or SS)?

      I am using metickmod, davrosmod and CM a lot lately and was hoping to get it for any of those but......I miss the hell out of

    7. Orkaguy
      About how long until the Black N Bold rom is ready?
    8. CorCor67
      You're welcome, wish I could afford more, you've been a great help to me getting my theme off the ground. Ya I'm about 2hrs or so from council bluffs.
    9. wctaylor79
      Been at work all night but wanted to say thanks for the advice with the launchers on jrummy. So many more post have been made and didn't want to clog up the thread. Thanks again. Going to try tomorrow.
    10. jed607
      Hey! I have used your MM theme for notification color changes in ese53 base 2.1 roms but have recently changed to bugless beast v1.0 w/ese81 base and was wondering if you have any themes for it? What I really would like is just to have the smoked glass theme with blue battery/progress bars etc and orange time/notifications. Any chance that it could happen in the near future?
    11. jrummy16
      I sent you an email to your gmail account.. let me know if you got it.
    12. thebowers
      Just letting everyone know that I will be gone until 4/19
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