Excellent feature in GMail is undercut by itself!

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    Yes, I am going to report this and I hope GMail development team would look into it.

    One of the great features offered by recent GMail App (v2.2) is that you can decide which gmail accounts you would use when it comes to reply, share, or compose a message. Please note only the users who have multiple gmail accounts would benefit from this.

    What it does is to have a drop down box at top of the screen where multiple gmail accounts are stored and to be selected when needed.

    THis feature works well when composing a new message. However, when you want to use gmail to "share" something, sometimes it doesn't work.

    Here is how I test it:

    1. Turn off the phone and turn it back on;
    2. Go to NewsRob, pick one of the news, Menu -> Share Link -> GMail, you are seeing a self-composed message with the URL to the news in the message body and the news title in the message subject, however, you don't see the drop down list at top of the screen next to the "From" field.
    3. Ok, you press "Return" to back out .... Redo Step 2, you will see the drop down box the 2nd time you do it;

    I hope this problem will be fixed down the road.