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Discussion in 'Droid 2 Tech Issues' started by bdizz07, Apr 14, 2011.

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    Well i have the D2 non global. I first go the phone and everything was solid for the first month or so then slowly it started freezing randomly then it froze/rebooted itself. Also it gets hot when im using gps which i think is normal.

    Also my emails dont even come through anymore as it seems something is preventing that. I can pull the battery and install it then my emails will come back then a few days later it happens all over again. Also i have an extended battery from verzion and it lasts from 6am-10pm till its dead. I use it mostly to txt and listen to music i store on it sometime gps but i still dont see how i can go thru 50% battery in 6hrs.

    I recently rooted the D2 with z4root and have droidbootstrap app, app installer, astro filer, and adao task manager. Im trying to figure out if it came glitched or its an app i have. I wiped the whole phone once b4 the root then i did it again for the root and still acts the same. And i have different apps than when i first wiped it.
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    50% at 6 hours for a smart phone using it for music sounds correct. What you have in there that I don't like is task manager. Take that out you don't need it.

    You don't need Astro. You should have root manager. Anyway you already have a file manager so why get Astro?

    I say go back to stock and do a factory data reset. Get rid of that task manager before you do that.
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    Yeah battery life sounds good. You should probably just do the factory reset and go from there if removing the task killer doesn't help.

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