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    1. I have downloaded MixZing MP3 player and like it. I have the Moto Rockr Stereo BT paired. Sound is great, players MP3 great. Issue is the while playing Zing on the BT headset, the stock player will player music thru the phone speaker. I think it is awesome that the phone can play both at the same time but I am not wanting this. Here are a few ways this happens...phone in car cradle...I hit a button on the bluetooth headset and the Zing player kicks in....or...I start CardioTrainer app with music enabled and hit a button on BT headset and the Zing starts playing thru the phone speaker...I don't hear it as the headphones drown out the sound from the phone. I want to disable or deinstall the stock MP3 player.

    2. Both MP3 players work but at times the music will stop and when I look at the now playing screen, I see the tracking jumping forward at what looks to be a fast forward...I can't stop it unless I hit replay a few times then play/pause...if I power off and on, the MP3 starts working correctly again. Bad SD card?

    Thanks for any input.
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