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    Recently, there has been quite a few posts regarding hot tubbing with your phone, dropping it in the toilet and running it through a washing cycle.
    Here is a $14.50 investment which could save you hundreds down the road.​

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    This is not an endorsement, just an FYI.

    Wet Cellular Phone Emergency Kit
    Dries Any Wet Cell Phone Fast Using Blue Bead Technologyâ„¢

    • [*=left]Dry your wet phone completely in 48 hours.
      [*=left]100% success rate*
      [*=left]Dry-All beads are inert & non-flammable.
      [*=left]Single use disposable packaging.
    When a cell phone gets soaked most cell phone insurances do not cover water damage. So what do you do if you end up with a wet cell phone?
    Now you can absorb all of the moisture in your wet phone quickly, allowing the phone to continue working as normal without losing your contacts, applications, pictures, or music.The Wet Cell Phone Emergency Kit is the most effective and aggressive dehumidifier for electronics available today and is guaranteed to dry all types of cell phones, iPods, or other electronics devices that have been exposed to any type of moisture.The Wet Cell Phone Emergency Kit, much like a medical emergency kit, is a good idea to have on hand in case of a wet cell phone emergency.
    * Dry-All assures a 100% success rate when all of the products' directions are followed.

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    When Electronics Get Dunked - it needs full rescue within minutes.
    Electronics when made are Baked.
    Only G-Forced bake process - fully functional within 2 hours.

    Letting electronics sit soaked for days - Insane.
    Circuit boards under microscope would show corrosion path at every soldered joint.
    All resistors to diodes would take on new values - or shorted.

    Electronics like MBP 13" $3000.00 laptops - the battery is not removable.
    Full G-forced recovery of full submersion has to take place within minutes.

    The insane Rice paddy in a bowl nonsense - now beads?
    Right. We'd have ended up with $3K of worthless billet Aluminum.

    Now the dunked Coke in the keys trick- to plating electronics.
    Stick in down into beads/rice - to form a new epoxy?
    It's needs full emersion flush - G-forced heat recovery.
    Best of Luck -
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    I didn't understand a lot of this post; there seemed to be a lot of sentence fragments and jargon. What is "G-Forced" bake process? And what has $3,000 laptops got to do with it?
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