Dropbox Beta Adds New Features and Bug Fixes

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    The Developers at Dropbox have just released a new version (BETA) that offers new advanced features including bug fixes, file changes that now sync properly, files don't re-upload on upgrade or reinstall, and increased network timeout so it works better on slow networks.

    Heres a full list of changes:

    • Added "Share to Dropbox" from other applications (Gallery, etc). Either single or multiple files can be shared at the same time.
    • File Downloads & Uploads now display progress notifications instead of Spammy Toasts.
    • Multi-touch Gallery for pictures in a directory. Long-hold on pictures in gallery to do file operations.
    • Now you can create Shortcuts to Dropbox folders by long-holding on the desktop.
    • Added long-hold folder options for sharing and open.
    • Long-hold file Open now plays non-streaming, if it's a streaming file type.
    • Added Cache Size display and Clear Cache button.
    • Prompt to install file manager such as OI or Astro if one is not installed already.
    • Notification if SD card is unavailable, so downloads, viewing, or uploads won't work.
    • The e-mail to tell friends about Dropbox now contains a referral link, so you can get a quota bonus.
    • Visual Redesign with new icons
    • Bug Fixes
      • Small file changes now sync properly
      • Files don't re-upload any more on upgrade or re-install
      • Increased network timeout so it works better on slow networks
    the new beta can be installed from the dropbox forums here

    or using the QR code

    let us know what u think!

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