Droid Razr - App's will crash, when I restart the phone factory resets.

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by taylorackley, Dec 14, 2013.

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    This has happened three times now...
    - Plugged my phone in to charge thursday night with the phone on. Phone had been functioning normally with no known updates. Newest App I had installed was Smart Clean (top 10 android app in the play store) about a week previous.
    - Woke up Friday AM and phone was frozen.... held down power button not knowing what to do and phone restarted.
    - When phone started up, it had reset itself. Backup data downloaded normally. Left phone alone for a couple hours.
    - Logged into twitter and I got a message saying twitter was not responding and to close twitter. Closed Twitter.
    - Got a message that home screen was not responding and to close it.
    - Restarted phone. At the end of the startup sequence.... phone had again factory reset.
    - THis time, backup data did not download. Downloaded Twitter, Smart Clean, Facebook, Spotify.... and phone crashed again. But i have yet to restart since I know what happens.

    Thoughts anyone? My system software is standard (not flashed, rooted or anything) and up to date.

    - Taylor. Seattle, WA
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