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    Hey everyone, I am currently running ZombieStomped 1.7 but can't find a link to the updated customizer....all the mirrors out there are the old customizer, it seems that the only updated one available is hosted on droidfiles.us which has been down for for weeks or months...

    They have even had a countdown going on the site and finally when the site came back online, it can only be accessed by people who were already members before the site went down for maintenance, and because it's in beta testing your can't register as a new member...so frustrating

    Is there anybody out there who is currently a member of droidfiles.us who can log in and download the updated customizer for me and make a mirror I can download it from? It would be HUGELY appreciated!!!

    Here's the link: http://www.droidforums.net/forum/dr...mbiestomped-1-7-595-dx-gb-motoblur-build.html

    At the bottom of the OP click on "Custoupdate.zip"

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