Droid and Exchange repeated emails

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    I'm a network administrator at a small company and I'm having a problem with some of my users receiving excessive repeats of the same email. Basically what happens is one user (User 1)receives an email from a client, and, from his Droid X, forwards it to another user (User 2). User 2 then reads it and replies or deletes it (doesn't seem to matter). User 2 will then continue to receive the email repeatedly. We tried a battery pull on both phones, which fixed the problem when it happened last time. This time however, the battery pull only stops it for an hour or 2, then User 2 starts receiving the emails again. We're using Exchange 2008, and the Exchange server only sees the email come through once. We're up to 260+ emails he's received at this point. Any suggestions? I've seen this issue discussed, and aside from telling the users not to forward emails from their phone in the future, any suggestions to stop it, or prevent it from happening in the future?

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